Colour codes for electrical wires in Zambia


Colour codes for electrical wires, what is it? This is a system that is used to identify the use of a wire by its colour. I am going to share the colour codes that are used in Zambia.

Colour codes for single phase.

In a single-phase circuit especially for domestic installations. Three wires of cables are used: live, neutral, and earth wires.

To identify these wires, a specific colour is used to identify it. Three colours are used to identify these wires. Red, Black and Green. live wire colour is red, the neutral wire colour is black and earthing wire colour is green.

Top plug colour codes.

In Zambia, a three-pin top plug is used. When replacing a top plug on an electrical appliance, you should observe the colour codes.

When working with top plug colour codes, the colours used are Brown, Blue and green. The 3 pin plug colour code is live brown, neutral blue and earthing is green or green/yellow stripes.

Earth live neutral colours for top plug wiring are brown blue and green.

3 phase wiring colours.

A 3 phase wiring system is mainly used Commercial and Industrial electrical applications.Nowadays domestic and residential properties use a 3 phase wiring system.

A three phase system has two main configurations.Namely a 3 wire system and a 4 wire system.A 3 wire system has three wires or cable all of them are live,while in a 4 wire system you have 3 live wires and one neutral wire.

A three wire system is mainly used in the transmission of electrical power from generating plants to distribution centres.

In the 4 wire system is used to distribute power to consumer .or places where electric power is needed.

Now what is the colour code for 3 phase wiring system?The three phase wires use red yellow and blue colours to represent phase or live wires.Black is used to represent a neutral colour..

Colour codes for electrical wires in Zambia


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Colour codes for electrical wires in Zambia


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