Wiring a house light switch

2 way switch wiring diagram
2 way switch wiring diagram.

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For you to understand wiring a house light switch,you must know what is a switch.A switch is a device for making and breaking the connection in an electric circuit.

In a simple terms I can say that a switch is a device for switching on and switching off the connection in an electric circuit.Now here I want to focus on wiring a home light switch.

In homes,there are three basic light switches.These switches are 1 way switch,2 way switch and intermediate switch.These are the three light switches that commonly used in a house.Here I will limit my self to discuss a light switch with one light point and a light with two switches.How to wire a house light switch with two switches.

This is an instant were you want to control a light point with two switches.Practical example where you need to use two switches for one light point is in room that has two doors or in long hall way and on stair cases.

Why should you use two switches to control one light point?You do not want to walk in darkness after switching off the light.This applies when entering a room through one door you switch on the light when moving out using the other door you switch off the light.

All in all,you switch on the light at one entrance and you switch it off on the other door.


You will need 2 2way switches and cables .What is a 2 way switch?A two way switch is a switch that does not have an off position.What do I mean?When you switch one the light in on location,the other switch in the second location is in the off position.

What happens when you switch off the light from the other? The light will go off.

The reason I say that a 2 way switch has no off or on position,its depending on what is happening in other switch,the current off position can be the on position.

In short,a 2 way switch does not have either a permanent off position or on position.These positions keep on changing relative to what is happening in the companion switch.

Wiring a 2 way switch.

How do you wire a 2 way switch?Well it is quite simple to wire a 2 way switch.You will need to have the right materials need for to do a good job.

Materials for wiring a 2 way switch.

In wiring a 2 way switch,you have two 2way switches.As I have already mentioned you use a 2 way switch when you want to control a light from 2 locations.

Well you should know that a 2 way switch has three terminals.These terminals are common,L1 and L2.to wire this switch for controlling a light point from two locations,you run a pair of travelers from one switch to the other.

You connect one of the traveler from on terminal L1 on one switch and connect the other end of the traveler to terminal L1 on the other switch.The you do the same for the other traveler cable.

You connect one end of the traveler cable on terminal L2 on one switch and connect the other end of the traveler cable on terminal L2 on the other switch.

Now you are remaining with the common terminal on both switches.You connect the live cable from the distribution board on the common terminal on one switch then on the other switch,you connect the the switch wire from the light point on the common terminal. Thats it you have wired a two way switch.

With this wiring you can control a light point from two locations.

For the off position,you can refer to the wiring diagram (A) and for the on position check diagram (B) on the 2 way switch wiring diagram above.

Wiring a light fitting.

When Wiring a house light switch,the alt-met go is to light a light fitting.I feel it is important to talk about wiring a light fitting also.Why is it important you ask? Its simple a switch is there to turn on a light fitting or turn it off.

How do you wire a light fitting.At a light fitting, there are three wires,namely live neutral and earth. You connect the live wire at a terminal L and the neutral wire on terminal N.The earth wire on the terminal E.

There are instances where a light fitting does not have an earth terminal what do you do?You connect the earth to the metal casing of the light fitting.

Do you have any questions relating to Wiring a house light switch?Ask your questions in the comments section below.

Wiring a house light switch


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