Daily uses of electricity at home.

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Daily uses of electricity at home, is a question that a lot of people ask. What are the daily uses of electricity at home? I will answer this question by first Identifying the things that use electricity in a home. Well, I think electricity has a variety of ways you and I use it in the home. First I can’t imagine how difficult life would be without electricity.

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10 uses of electricity at home.

I am going to give you a list of 10 things that use electricity in your home. And explain the 10 uses of electricity through the list below.

  1. Electric bulbs
  2. Water pump
  3. Electric cooker
  4. Water heater
  5. Air conditioner
  6. Refrigerator
  7. Television set
  8. Radio
  9. Microwave oven
  10. Shaver.
  11. Computers

You can see from the list above that electricity has a lot of use in your house. You agree with me that the list I have given is not an exhaustive one.


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One of the most important uses of electricity in your house is lighting. You use lighting in a number of ways. The basic function of lighting is to light up your house. You can use lighting for decorative purposes as well.

A modern home’s beauty is enhanced with light fittings from incandescent lighting, Flourescent lighting downlighting and chandeliers. Not only do you use lighting in the house, but you also use it for security lighting, walkways parking lots and Gardens.


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A day can not pass without eating If you are like me, then you know that food gives us the energy to do all the day to day tasks. Cooking is one activity that uses electricity in your home. What appliances do you use to cook your food?

I and my wife use an electric stove or cooker. A stove is one appliance in your home that draws a lot of energy from your electric utility company. On average, a plate draws about 2000 watts of power. That is when you are using a standard four plate stove.

I hear a lot of people asking what appliances consumes a lot of electricity in a home. You have heard it right a cooker or stove uses a lot of electricity.

What can you do to reduce electricity consumption due to cooking? There are a lot of ways users can do this, but the most available and easy alternative is to switch to gas. Using a gas stove will greatly reduce your electricity bills.


Heating is one activity or task you perform at home on a daily basis. There are a lot of things that need heating at home but for this post, I will focus on water heater(geyser) and electric kettle.

Water heater(geyser) This is a device that is used to heat water at home. A water heater is there to specifically heat water for bathing. Electric Kettle, an electric kettle is a domestic appliance you use to heat water for cooking purposes. In most cases, an electrical Kettle is used to heat water for making tea and coffee.

I have decided to talk about a water heater and an electric kettle because these two appliances, fall among those that consume more power in a home. When you want to reduce the amount of electric energy that you use in your home, you must start by monitoring how you use these two appliances.

Air conditioning and ventilation.

In a home setting, air conditioning and ventilation refer to how you regulate the temperatures of your home. You are more likely to use air conditioners and fans to condition your house.

An air conditioner is one appliance that you can use for both cooling and heating. I would encourage you to use an air conditioner that can do both.


Entertainment comes in many forms. Today I will focus on entertainment for the home. I want to show you that even when you are relaxing at home having fun, you do use electricity to be entertained.

What form of entertainment use electricity at home? I believe watching TV, playing games and listening to the radio are ways you can entertain yourself. All the appliances that you use for these activities draw current from the supply, therefore, they use electricity.

Preserving food.

There are times when you and I buy fresh foodstuff like Milk, Beef, Vegetables and fruits. Most of these fresh foods, can not stay for a long period of time without being soiled or rotten.

To preserve them you need a refrigerator. You see electricity is an essential part of our day to day life. A refrigerator, freezer or chiller, use electricity to preserve fresh foodstuffs.

Maintaining beauty.

Manly beauty is associated with women or laddies. Here when I say maintaining beauty I refer to both ladies and gentlemen. You ask how do I use electricity to maintain beauty?

Well whether you are a man or woman, you use gadgets to do your hair. In the home, you use shavers, hairdryers and blowers to do your hair. All these gadgets use electricity.


Security is a basic concern for most people in this modern time. In-home security revolves around fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, gate automation and CCTV.

When you install an electric security fence, you need electricity to power it. You talk about gate automation, alarm systems, all these things need electricity to be powered. Electricity is an essential part of a modern-day home.

water reticulation.

water pump, uses of electrcityi at home

Water is a very important commodity in a home. There are two ways that you can have clean safe water for your household. The first way is to tap water from your local water utility company.

The second one is for you to drill your own borehole. In all these circumstances, how is electricity involved? Well when you drill your own borehole, you need a submersible pump to pump water from the borehole to the storage tank.

When you get your water from your local utility company, at times the pressure is quite low. To boost it you need a booster pump. Both a booster pump and a submersible pump needs electricity to operate.

Browsing the internet.

Almost everyone uses the internet. You are reading this post through the internet. It’s either you are using a smartphone or a computer. A computer can either be a laptop or a desktop.

Both a smartphone and a computer use electricity to operate.

what uses electricity at night?

In a home setting, there are a lot of things that use electricity at night. The first one is security outdoor lights. You usually leave outdoor lights on during the night.

The second thing that uses electricity at night is a refrigerator. You can not afford to switch off the refrigerator at night as doing so can make your food go bad.

which appliances use the most electricity at home?

From my own experience, I have come to conclude that three appliances use the most electricity at home. These are appliances are stove, water heater and electric kettle.

Of the three, a stove uses the most electricity when you operate it at full load. Meaning that when you use all the plates, and the oven at the same time.

How do you use electricty at your home?.

What are the daily uses of electricity at home? You agree with me that almost all daily tasks that you perform at home, use electricity. I have used it to perform some of the tasks I have talked about. I would like to know how you use electricity in your house to do daily tasks. Feel free to share your experience.

Daily uses of electricity at home.

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