The top 17 benefits of LED lighting fixtures in 2021.


LED light-emitting diodes lights, have revolutionized the lighting industry, and LED lights have found themselves in wider applications. Both in residential and industrial applications. Therefore I would like to share with you the known benefits of LED that have continued to make LED lights of choice. Here is a list of known LED light benefits.

  1. Very efficient
  2. Long lifespan
  3. Sturdier
  4. Available in multi-colors
  5. Eco-friendly
  6. Very safe
  7. Small and robust in construction
  8. Good color rendition
  9. Design flexibility
  10. They are dimmable
  11. Instant-on light
  12. Do not produce Ultraviolet emission
  13. Able to work  with low voltages
  14. Are manufactured in all color temperatures.
  15. Emits or project light in  a specific direction
  16. WORKS well in cold temperatures
  17. The LED technology is progressive and continues to improve

1.LEDs are very efficient.

LED lights are very efficient in the way they convert electric current into light. Most traditional lighting sources like incandescent lights, use 20% or convert 20% of the supplied electric energy into light and about 80 to 90% is lost or converted into heat.LED uses less electric power to give light, they concert 80% of the energy supplied into visible light and lose 20%. As a result of this high efficiency of LED lights, you end up spending less on electricity bills while enjoying the same brightness of the supplied illumination.LED are excellent energy savers.

2.Longer life span

LED lights do not have filaments that easily wears out,as a result, LED lights last longer than conventional light sources like mercury vapors and incandescent.LED lasts up to 25 times longer or more.

3.Studier,durable and robust.

Led lights are made with epoxy, this makes them withstand shocks, vibrations, and rough conditions. Making them suitable for outdoor applications.


These lights known as LED lights do not contain lead or mercury, they are greener in nature , and do not emit harmful materials in the environment

5.Available in multi-colors

To produce white light, a combination of RED, GREEN and RED light is needed.LED are capable of mixing these basic light colors to produce any desired color. This makes LED standout, because of this great quality of LEDs, multicolor LED lights are readily available on the market.

6.Very safe to use.

As a result of their high efficiency in the use of electric energy, LED light produces less heat. This entails that they can be on for longer hours without posing a challenge to heating the room or simply being a source of fire or being burnt after touching the light source. This characteristic, make LED lights safe to use.

7.Very small

LEDs are very small in nature, this gives them flexibility in their applications. Ranging from electronics indicator lamps to military, residential and commercial applications.

8.Good colour rendition

Most traditional light sources distort the color of the surface they illuminate.LED light sources to have good color rendition, as a result, when you use LED light’ you are able to see color surfaces as they are. The level of color distortion is very low.

9.Design flexibility

LED lights are made from semiconducting materials as a result this gives them flexibility in the constructions and application of designs.LED can be formed is any desirable shape, to suit its applications. As I am writing, LED light sources to have applications in light fixtures as

  1. Recessed downlights
  2. Strip lights
  3. Decorations strings
  4. Fluorescent tubes
  5. Light bulbs and many more

This shows that LED has design flexibility.

10.Dimming capabilities

In the early days of LED lighting sources, it uses to be difficult to find dimmable LED light sources. With improved research and technology, it is now possible to dim LED light sources. However, it is good to point out that most LED light source does not work well with traditional dimming switches. Therefore, it is important to find compatible dimmer switches for your LED light sources.


Unlike mercury vapor light sources, LED lights do not require warm-up time for them to turn on. They are instant on light sources. They do not delay starting.

12. Do not produce ultraviolet emission

These kinds of lights and fixtures known as LED lights, they do not emit UV. This makes LED  suitable in applications were UV emissions might accelerate the degeneration of certain materials. Especially lighting projects in art galleries and museums.

13.LED light operates well at low voltage.

The ability of LED lights to operate well at low voltages, makes LED light fixture to be used in areas where high voltages might pose safety challenges to both people and the environment. As a result, LED is best suited for most outdoor applications.

14.Available in different color temperatures.

Colour temperature is that attribute of lighting that enhances the mood of the room.LED lighting comes in various color temperatures, as a result, are being used in a wide variate of application. Here are the three main color temperature in which LED light falls.

  1. Warm white
  2. Neutral white
  3. Daylight white

You might be thinking that these are the only color temperatures available for LED lighting, no, these are the basic you can find more to suit your particular need.

15.LEDs emits light in a specific direction.

Traditional lighting sources emit light in all directions. This forces lighting designers to incorporate reflectors and diffusers in lighting fixtures. This allows the fixture to emit light in the desired direction. Thanks to LED lighting technology,this light source produce focused light in a particular direction. Because of this, LED light is best suited in such applications as recessed downlighting.

16. Not affect by cold temperatures

Incandescent lights do not operate well in cold condition, however, LED lights to operate well in cold conditions. This makes them suitable for use in cold rooms and environments that are pronto cold weather.

LED technology is not stagnant.

LED lighting technology continues to improve, as a result, there is an improvement in the quality of color renditions, and many other aspects of LED lighting. The improved technology has brought many benefits of which the most important one is that with improved technology advancement, LED lighting sources are becoming more cheaper day after day.LED lighting has come to stay.


After showing you the top 17 benefits of LED lights and fixtures, I would like to show you 6 types of LED lights and their applications. I am showing you this so you can see and appreciate fully the benefits of LED light bulbs. Below is a list of 6 LED lights that I am about to share with you.



Newly released LED Ceiling Downlights

Originally downlights used incandescent and halogen lamps and were designed to produce focal lights.DOWNLIGHTS are still popular and they are being used in residential, hospitality and commercial applications. Downlights can either be recessed or wall mounted.

In recent years LED downlights have become popular.This so because they are cheap and can produce surrounding and not noticeable lighting.


Fluorescent light fixtures have found applications in residential, commercial and industrial areas. If you like fluorescent lights, LED has not come to take the light fixtures that you like away, but to

better it by further reducing the amount of electric energy need to produce the brilliance of the light fixtures.


Nowadays, you have people who do indoor gardening. This is done by using LED lights called grow lights. These are the artificial electric light source. As the name suggests, grow lights are used to stimulate the growth of plants. This is possible by producing a magnetic spectrum that makes the light to facilitate the process of photosynthesis in plants.LED grow lights have found applications in.

An Experiment Using The Best LED Grow Lights


The LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that stuffed with led lights. Because of its flexibility, the LED strip light has found a number of applications.

  1. Bathrooms
  2. Cabinet and shelving
  3. grove lighting in the kitchen.
  4. restaurants and bars
  5. Hospitals and hotel
  6. building outline and signage


Save 20% on Upgraded 36W LED Security Lights

LED flood light, has replaced the common light fixtures for outdoor lighting. The most used being sodium vapor, mercury vapor, and halogen lamps. You can find LED FLOOD lights being used in both residential and industrial applications. Below is the most common application for LED floodlighting.

  1. Carport lot
  2. Stadium lighting
  3. Street lighting
  4. Pole mounted
  5. General outdoor lighting

Health benefits of led

  1. Reduce stress and anxiety
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Improves learning performance
  4. Balance the circadian.
  5. Decrease recurring headaches

What are the advantages of LED lights?

Over the years LED lighting has greatly improved,such that it has more advantages than disadvantages Below is a list of benefits of LED lights
1. LED lighting has a great colour rendition this means that the light from LED’s does not change the appearance of the colours of clothes and walls. They appear as they are.
2.LEDs can easily be shaped in different modes, it is easy to work can make strip lights, floods and many more light fixtures.
3. They do not produce a lot of heat when in operation this makes them ideal for a number of applications. And they are robust they do not easily get damaged, they work well in cool temperatures.

Author Themba Mbewe Posted on December 20, 2018.

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