Welcome to my resource page, this is a place where I put all the tools that I use in my business. I would like to mention here that some of the links that I have placed here contain affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, I may earn a small affiliate commission that helps me in running this website. Check out my full affiliate disclosure here.

Web hosting.

My site is hosted at Interserve. I have been using interserver since December 2018. What I like about interserver is that it is affordable. at the time when I found interserver, I was looking for a web hosting company that is cheap and allows you to pay on a monthly basis.

The number one reason that attracted me to interserver is price lock. You will continue to pay your web hosting fee at the initial price for the rest of your hosting life on interserver.

I pay $5 every month, and I have been paying this amount since 2018. At interserver, there is no surprise upsells. Should you encounter a problem,interserver has a 24-hour customer service that will attend to your problem promptly. You can check out their service here.

Graphic designing

For all my graphics, I use a free tool that is easy to use. You can literally use it for all your designing needs. From website graphics to your social media graphics.

You can use this free tool to create PDF documents, slide presentations Pinterest pins and many other designing needs all at zero dollars. This tool is Canva. You register at canva for free here. Though canva has a paid option, for most of your graphics, you can do them with a free account.

Affiliate network.

What is an affiliate network? This is a network of various merchants or manufacturers of goods and services. An affiliate network, help merchants find people who can advertise or promote their products.

When an affiliate promotes and sells a merchants product, he earns an affiliate commission. You can join ShareASale for free here. Once you are inside ShareASale, you can join a lot of affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche.

Keyword research tools.

I use the following free keyword research tools.

Keyword shitter.This tool is very useful when doing your keyword,you can check it here.You can check out the rest in the list below.
Free keyword research tools.

Free traffic sources for your website.

You and I know very well that a blog or website without traffic is dead. When no one is visiting your blog, how are you going to communicate your ideas to the world? It is for this reason that I have decided to share a few free traffic sources that you can use for your blog.

Let it be known to you that these traffic sources I am talking about are traffic exchange. I know you might be asking what is a traffic exchange? In simple terms, a traffic exchange is a site where you surf to view other peoples sites, in return you receive traffic back to your site. There are a number of traffic exchanges I will share with you the ones that I have found to be useful.

Traffic exchange with low bounce rate

Traffic exchange with lower bounce rate and long time spent on your site. I have come to find out that most traffic exchanges have a high bounce rate. I have found two traffic exchange site that has a low bounce rate and high session rate more than 5 minutes. The first one is Cosmic traffic, you can join for free here

The second site with both a low bounce rate and high session duration is postman hits you can join here for free. The third site is Leads leap. I like leads leap because it’s a complete marketing site. I use it for my email marking needs, you can create an unlimited number of people on your list for free.You will not only create a list but an autoresponder as well.

At leads leap you can also earn some extra income just by surfing. To qualify for a daily bonus, you need to surf a minimum of 10 sites. The more sites you view the more money you earn. Leads leap has been in business since 2008 and still growing strong. You can join leads leap for free here

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