Pulling multiple wires through Conduit.

An electrician pulling cables through conduit

Pulling multiple cables through the conduit. This is an act of how to pull electrical wire through conduit pipe. I know you might be asking how do you do this. Tell me? Before I go deep into explaining how to pull a wire through conduit, allow me to say that the information that I am sharing with you is based on my personal experience wiring buildings both domestic and commercial.

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Tools to pull wire through conduit.

  1. Fish tape
  2. Insulation tape
  3. Cables
  4. Pliers

Fish tape

A man pushing a fish tape through an outlet box

This is a tool that is specifically made to be used in pulling wires through conduit pipes. Like any other tool, it comes in various ways.

The most common type of fish tape is one made of steel. Steel is used mostly because of its push and pull strength. Moreover, the earlier tapes were made of steel.

The big disadvantage of using steel fish tapes is a tendency to twist and form kinks when it reaches a certain distance. The other type of material used in making fish tapes is nylon or fibreglass. Nylon fish tape is non conducting material, therefore, it eliminates the risk of electrocution, which is a major risk when you are routing a cable through a power panel.

Insulation tape.

Insulation tape

As the name suggests, you use insulation tape to insulate cables. When you are pulling wires or cables through a conduit, you insulate the fish tape at the point where you hook your cables to the fish tape.


Combination pliers

When I mention pliers,I refer to all the types of pliers more special, the combination pliers, side cutter pliers and long nose pliers. Basically, a plier is used for cutting and splicing the cables. In the event that you don’t have a wire stripper, you can use pliers for stripping.

Pulling wires through outlets power sockets.

Now I will walk you through the process of pulling wires through conduits in an outlet or power circuits. Firstly it is easier to pull all cables at once than pushing a cable in a conduit that is already filled with cables.

At this moment, you have already laid down the conduits pipes either in the walls or ceiling. The first thing that you do, is to secure the cable that you want to use to wire your outlets or power sockets. I will fail in my duty if I don’t tell you that you need A partner to help you pull the wires through the conduits.

The process of how to pull wire through conduit.

You get your fish tape and push it through the conduit. Of course, you push the fish tape through the outlet box. You push it until it reaches the other outlet point.

When your fish tape has reached the other end, you get your cables then strip the insulation at the tips of the cables, tie them together and hook them to the end of the fish tape. Usually, fishing tapes have a hole at their tip, you use this hole to hook your cable to the fish tape.

After hooking the cables, you signal your partner that you are done and you are good to go. Like I mentioned earlier, you use insulation tape to rap at the point where you have hooked the cables and the fish tape. This allows the cables to pass through the conduit pipes with less resistance.

You tell your friend or partner to start pulling the fish tape. This is where you have to be very careful because if you are not, you will find it hard to pull the cables.

Why am I emphasizing that you have to be careful? The trick here is as your partner is pulling the fish tape, you push the cables as well. Not only are pushing the cables as he is pulling the fish wire, but you see to it that cables do not form kinks. you straighten them as you are pushing. For you to have an idea of how to do it watch a video by TipsNNTricks below.

More tips to consider when pulling cables through conduit pipes.

Here I want to emphasize that when you are wiring a power socket. Do not join your cables anyhow.

See to it that all cable joints for power or socket outlets are done in the outlet or socket box. This practice helps to find faults easily. Should there be a need to do some maintenance works?

I know you are asking how does this help? It helps in the sense that when you have a fault in this circuit. You will first check at the outlet box before you go to any other place to check for faults.

Using a lubricant to pull cables through a conduit

There are times when you are required to pull more cables at a time. Even when you are experienced pulling multiple cables in conduit pipes.

You will agree with me that it becomes difficult to pull. In such circumstances, you need a lubricant to smear the cables. When you use oil to pull your cables, you do not overstretch the cables or injure them as injured cables can be a source of short circuits.

If you do not have a lubricant or oil, you can use a detergent or soap to reduce the resistance in the conduit pipes as you are pulling your cables.

What to consider when pulling cables for lighting circuit.

The process of pulling multiple cables through conduit is the same. This is regardless of whether the circuit is for sockets outlets or lighting.

The only difference is you make your joints in the switch box and light point. When I say that you make joints in the switch box, What do I mean and what do you want to achieve.

First and foremost, all cable starts from the distribution panels to their various final destinations. In a lighting circuit, you pull the cables from the distribution board to the first switch box. Here I must mention that the live cable or hot wire is the one that you should not join at any junction box.

I advise that you loop your live cable from one switch to the other. This makes fault finding easy.

pulling wire through conduit with existing wires.

Well, there comes a time when you need to add another cable in an electrical conduit pipe with existing wires. How do you add another wire?

When the conduit with existing cables has enough space for A fish tape to go through without any difficulties, push a fish tape and then pull the new wire.

In most instances, you will find that the conduit does not have space to push in a fish tape. What do you do? I for one in this situation, look for a wire that is quite loose. I use it to pull another wire. You can use this wire to pull the pull strings.

Then you tie the new wire together with the cable you used to put the pull string in the conduit and put your new cable in the conduit pipe.

What does it take to pull multiple cables through the conduit?

All in all, I will say that for you to pull multiple cables through a conduit. You need to know that it is easier to pull all the cables at once than it is to push through cables in a conduit that has cables already.

You can not pull multiple cables through a conduit alone, you need a partner to help you. I know that they are other ways of pulling cables through a conduit pipe. I will be grateful to learn from you.

I encourage you to share your experience with me in the comments section.

Pulling multiple wires through Conduit.

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