Plug colour codes.

Top plug.
Top plug

What is a plug? A plug is a device for making an electrical connection between an appliance and the mains, consisting of an insulated casing with metal pins that fit into holes in a socket.

What is the colour code? This is a system of marking things with different colours to identify them.
Therefore here I am talking about the colours that are used in a plug that connects an electrical appliance to a mains power source in a home.

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wiring a plug.

top plug colours.

A plug has three wires namely live wire, earth wire and the neutral wire. Each wire in a plug has its own function.

For you to wire a plug correctly you must connect each wire to the right terminal.

Electric wire colours in a plug.

Just like there are three wires in a plug. There are three colours in a plug.

The 3 colours are brown, blue and green. These colours represent the function of each wire.

what colour is the live wire?

The colour of the live wire in a plug is brown. For this reason, when you are wiring or repairing a plug, you must connect the brown wire to the terminal marked live(L).

Earth and the neutral wire.

Since the live wire is brown, what are the colours of the earth and neutral wire? Well, the earth wire colour is green at times it can be a wire with green and yellow stripes.

The neutral wire in a plug is blue. On which terminals do you connect the earth and neutral wires? You connect the earth wire on the terminal labelled (E).

The neutral wire is connected to the terminal labelled (N).

What is the function of the live, neutral, earth wires?

The live wire takes power to the electrical appliance.The neutral wire take power from the appliance back to the source.

While the earth earth wire is a protective conductor protecting people from electric shocks.

Plug colour codes.

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