Neutral wire color.

Before I proceed to tell you the colour of the neutral wire. Allow me to define what neutral wire color is. Simply put what is a neutral wire?

A neutral wire is an electrical wire that completes the electrical circuit in an AC circuit. It is this wire that acts as a return path. It takes the electric current back to its source.

Why use colours? Colours are used to identify the function of a wire in an electrical circuit.

This system of naming electrical wires using colours is known as the electrical wire colour code.

Neutral wire color USA.

In the USA the colour of a neutral wire is white.

Neutral wire color Canada.

In Canada, the neutral wire is white colour.

Neutral wire color India.

In India the neutral wire colour is blue, but black is still widely used.

Neutral wire color Europe.

The neutral wire colour in Europe is blue.

Neutral wire color UK.

In the UK the colour of the neutral wire is blue.

Neutral wire colour Pakistan.

The neutral wire colour in Pakistan is black.

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Neutral wire color.

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