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Light fitting in a home is a very important thing to talk about. It is light fitting that adds beauty to a home. Therefore, I am going to share with you, the little knowledge that I have.

When you want to buy a light fitting for your home, there are a few things that you must consider. You must ask yourself these questions.

  1. What do I want to achieve after installing light fittings?
  2. Which rooms need more light?
  3. How many light fittings do I need in each room?
  4. How many different types of light fitting do I need in each room?

When you answer these questions, you will have a clear picture of what your house will look like.

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What influences the choice of a light fitting?

There are a lot of things that influence you to buy a particular light fitting. I will list four things only. And these are

  1. New designs
  2. Styles
  3. Texture and material
  4. Themes.

New designs and styles.

Nowadays, light fitting manufacturers are in the mood of making a new design of light fitting to cope with the most recent advanced technologies in science and engineering. As a homeowner, you want your home not to lag behind. As new designs emerge, even styles changes.

Texture and materials.

As a homeowner, you want your home to look beautiful. Therefore you would want a light fitting made of high-quality material. Materials that enhance fittings elegance.


What themes and moods do you want to experience? when you are in different rooms of your house. Lighting can greatly change the themes of your house. All you have to do is to combine different light fixtures to produce the ones you want.

Common types of light are produced by light fittings.

There are three common types of light produced by light fittings.

  1. Ambient light
  2. Task lighting
  3. Accent lighting.

Ambient lighting.

Ambient light is the light that lights up the entire room, but it is not enough to provide you with the light that you need for specialised tasks that need more light. Below I have given you a list of lightings that give ambient light.

  1. Chandelier.
  2. Pendant light.
  3. Wall lights/sconce.
  4. Recessed lights in the ceiling.

Task lighting.

This is light that is good for specialised tasks. Tasks like reading, fixing your electronic gadgets or doing paperwork on your desk.Task lighting fittings.

  1. Table lamps.
  2. Reading lamps.
  3. Desk lamps.

Accent lighting.

This is a type of light fitting that is basically made for decorative purposes. It focuses light directly on a feature that you want to be noticed or highlighted. It can be used in the following applications.

  1. Highlight artefacts
  2. Home entrance
  3. Highlight fireplaces
  4. Textured wall
  5. Architectural details.

Tips to consider when choosing suitable lights for light fittings.

  1. Install light fitting in proper position on work tables to eliminate shadows.
  2. Before installing chandeliers, check the height of the ceiling. Some chandeliers are good for low ceilings and others are good for high ceilings.
  3. Bedroom table lamps should not be too close to the bed
  4. Install easy to maintain light fittings with readily available accessories.
  5. Use bright light for outdoor lighting.
  6. Install two or more light fittings in one room.
  7. Use recessed light fitting for general lighting.
  8. Don’t install floor lamps in the children’s room

Lighting fittings for a Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where food is prepared. Therefore, tact and care should be used when selecting light fittings for a kitchen. I have listed below a few things that you should consider when selecting light fittings for a kitchen.

  1. The light fitting should not contribute to food contamination.
  2. Fittings should be recessed or surface mounted in ceilings and should have a sealed unit to prevent dust from falling from the fitting.
  3. Suspended light fitting will collect dust and become a source of contamination.
  4. Properly designed diffusers should be installed to assist with the even distribution of light.

Lighting for the bedroom.

A bedroom is a place where you take yourself when you want to rest. Therefore it is required that you take extra care when choosing lights for the bedroom. In the first place, the light you install in the bedroom should promote an atmosphere of rest and tranquillity.

in most cases you will require a light fitting that gives you general lighting, that allows you to perform tasks like cleaning the room, making your bed and many more general tasks. General lighting can be achieved by centre ceiling lights.

At times you might want to read a book or novel in your bedroom, you can install table lamps or low hanging pendant lights for this task. Wall sconces can be used as task lights in the bedroom. When you have art paintings or decorative frames in your bedroom, you can use accent light fittings to brighten them.

Lighting for the bathroom.

A bathroom is an area that is quite sensitive when it comes to the selection of light fitting. Why am I saying that a bathroom is sensitive? I am saying so because a bathroom is prone to water splashes .when installing light fittings, you should take this into consideration. You know very well that water and electricity don’t go together.

For this reason, you must consider light fittings that are IP rated(Ingress Protection). For you to have a better choice of a proper light fitting for your bathroom, you must consider buying a light fitting that has an IP rating above IP 44.

Security lights.

These are lights that you install outdoors in your house. In the walkways and parking lots.

Types of security lights.

  1. Bulkheads or wall lights. These are lights that you install on walls.
  2. Pole mounted lights. You mount these fittings mostly on the streets. Street pole mounted lights.
  3. Decorative outdoor lights. These are lights that you install in the walkways, and gardens for the sole purpose of decorating your walkways and gardens.


I think that light fittings add a lot of beauty to a house. For you to bring out the beauty and elegance in each light fitting that you install. You must strike a balance between the light fitting and the mood and feeling that you want to bring to each and every room in your house.

What is your experience in installing and choosing a light fitting for your home? Share it with me in the comments section below.

Light fitting in home.

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