Install light fixture on brick walls.

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Installing a light fixture on brick walls is an interesting task. I know you might be asking, who doesn’t know how to install a light fixture on a brick wall. I can assure you, my friend, very few people know how to mount a light fixture correctly.

I am going to show you a simple and effective way to mount a light fixture on a wall. The method I am showing you is the one that I use myself. This method ensures that the light fixture is safely mounted and prevents damage to the fitting, property and people. In short, the method put safety first.

Knowing how to to do a task correctly, reduces the time you take to complete a task. When you master this method, you will take less time in mounting light fixtures on brick walls.

A practical example.

Back in the days when I was just starting as an electrician, I remember when my chines boss gave me a task to install a distribution board and a meter box. Do you know how long it took me? Let me tell you. First, this distribution board and metre box are for a single-phase installation.8 ways distribution board and a medium-size meter box took me five (5) long hours to install.

Do you know why it took me that long, five hours, to complete a task that can be done in 30 to 45 minutes? I lacked experience and a simple effective method. Within a month, I could Install 10 distribution box and 10 meter boxes in 5 hours.

What is the correct way to install a light fixture on the wall?

First things first, for you to install a fitting on the wall, you need correct tools and materials.

Tools and materials for installing a light fixture on a wall.

  1. Screw divers: You use it to screw the fitting to the wall.
  2. Drilling machine: It helps you to drill holes in the wall and fastening screws.
  3. Fisher plugs complete with screws: You push them through drilled holes.
  4. Light fixture: This is the actual light fixture that you want to install on a wall.
  5. Spirit level: A spirit level helps you to align the light fixture.

Installing the light fixture on the wall.

  1. Mark the holes in the walls. For fittings that come with a mounting template, you use the mounting template to mark the holes.
  2. After marking the holes you drill the holes with a drilling machine. Here let me mention that when drilling holes, use a correct drill bit. Meanwhile, if you use a wrong drilling machine, you may have a challenge in mounting your light fixture. The best thing you can do is to use a drill bit that is compatible with the fisher plugs that you are using.
  3. Immediately you are done with drilling holes, you proceed to mount the light fixture. I have seen people mount light fittings without grilling, they just use steel nails and hammer the fitting into the wall. This method has one major challenge, in the event that you want to replace the fitting, it is difficult to remove it. But when you use a drilling machine, you just unscrew your fitting you are done.
  4. Now you connect your fittings to the power supply, put a lamp.

XOOL 1000V Insulated Electricians screwdriver set.



Electricians screwdriver set


  1. Each screwdriver tool is individually tested and insulated to 1000V AC.
  2. XOOL insulated screwdriver set is the economical screwdriver for a professional user. It is made of chrome vanadium steel blade, as a result, it is stronger and more durable than standard steel.
  3. Ergonomic handle design: Dual material non-slip handle fit to the shape of the hand for quick and effortless working. Therefore, preventing hand injuries such as blisters and calluses.
  4. The magnetic tip insulated screwdriver is widely used by electrician, building computers, and working with circuit breakers or electronics and electric fields.
  5. The magnetic tip can hold most standard screw sizes to make it easier to screw into hard to reach areas.


  1. The type of tip is not marked anywhere on the handle.
  2. The screwdriver has small tip heads.
  3. The magnetic tip is quite weak.

working with power tools

There are a number of power tools available. My interest is in a drilling machine. I want to talk about drilling machines because they are very useful when installing light fixtures. Below is a list of precautions that you should observe when using power tools.

  1. Never carry a tool by the cord or hose.
  2. .Never pull the cord or the hose to disconnect it from the receptacle.
  3. •Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil, and sharp edges
  4. .•Disconnect tools when not using them, before servicing and cleaning them, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits, and cutters
  5. .•Keep all people not involved with the work at a safe distance from the work area.
  6. •Secure work with clamps or a vise, freeing both hands to operate the tool.
  7. •Avoid accidental starting. Do not hold fingers on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool.
  8. •Maintain tools with care; keep them sharp and clean for best performance.
  9. •Follow instructions in the user’s manual for lubricating and changing accessories.
  10. •Be sure to keep good footing and maintain good balance when operating power tools.
  11. •Wear proper apparel for the task. Loose clothing, ties, or jewelry can become caught in moving parts.
  12. •Remove all damaged portable electric tools from use and tag them: “Do Not Use

What next?

Now that you know how to install a light fixture on a brick wall,it is time to practice.You become good at doing something when you do it regularly.

Do you have a better method that you use,share it in the comments section below.I will be glad to hear from you.You have a question?ask in the comments below I will answer you.

Install light fixture on brick walls.

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