Gu10 led bulb

this picture is showing a 5W GU10 ZIGBEE LED BULB

What is a GU10 led bulb?Gu10 refers to the type of bulb base.Gu10 is a twist and lock bi-pin base type system. This kind of base is used to a particular light fitting from being damaged.

How does it protect the light fitting? It does this by ensuring that a Gu10 bulb is the only bulb that is fitted.

It is a common practice for homeowners, to replace blown-out bulbs themselves. In an instant that the bulb baes is not specific for a particular light fitting, a homeowner is prone to replace a faulty bulb with a bulb of the same base type even when the energy consumption is different.

A light fitting with a GU10 base should be replaced with a gu10 bulb base only. This practice ensures that safety for both light fitting and people is guaranteed.

Now, what is a GU10 led bulb? A gu10 led bulb is an led light bulb that fits in a GU10 base of an electrical light fitting.

gu10 led bulbs cool white.

GU10 led bulbs cool white. What does this mean? Cool white is the colour of the light produced by the led light bulb. Cool white led bulb is also called neutral white.

A GU10 led bulb cool white has a colour temperature range of 4000K to 5000K. This colour range is neither dull nor very bright it is in the middle.

Gu10 led bulb daylight.

What does a GU10 led bulb daylight mean? This is an led light bulb with a GU10 base. This light bulb should be put in a light fitting with a GU10 base bulb holder.

The daylight is telling you the bulb colour temperature range. A light bulb that produces daylight light, is very bright.

The light is close to the light produced by the sun. With this daylight light, you are able to see things like you would see them using light from the sun.

The colour temperature range is anything above 5000K.

Gu10 led bulb warm white.

Well, the Gu10 is understood its the type of a base. While warm white is the colour of the light produced by the Gu10 led bulb.

This is the colour range with the coolest temperature below 4000K.

Philips LED Flicker-Free GU10 Bulb, 380 Lumen, Bight White Light (3000K), 4W=50W, Title 20 Certified, 3-Pack

This picture is showing how a living room looks when illuminated by a Philips GU10 led bulb.

Features and benefits.

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Philips LED GU10 Dimmable Light Bulbs use roughly 80% less energy than 50 Watt Incandescent Bulbs while maintaining the look and feel of a classic light bulb. Philips LED light bulbs are Mercury free, Energy Star Certified, and Title 20 compliant.
  • LONG LASTING: These Philips LED bulbs use 1/5 the energy of 50-Watt halogen bulbs. Each light bulb is expected to deliver a lifetime of up to 25, 000 hours and 22 years of light (based on three hours per day), saving you the cost of frequent bulb replacement.
  • Philips LED Dimmable 35-Degree Flood Light Bulbs offer warm and comfortable lighting with high CRI 90 (color rendering index). At 3000-Kelvin the bulbs deliver bright, crisp color ideal for halogen lamps and track lighting.
  • SMOOTH DIMMING: Philips dimmable LED bulbs are flicker-free, silent, and tested to work with more dimmer switches than any other LED bulb on the market. These spot light bulbs smoothly dim from 3000K down to a soft glow with greater clarity than traditional halogen bulbs.
  • COMPATIBILITY: These Philips LED light bulbs fit in GU10 bi-pin bases. Not compatible with Philips HUE products. Philips LED Dimmable GU10 light bulbs are for non connected use only.
  • Philips GU10 LED spot light bulbs provide 380 lumens of bright, crisp white, dimmable light.
This is a picture of 3 pack GU10 LED BULB PHILIPS
GU10 Philips led bulb 3 pack.

More features and benefits.

  • Ideal for track lighting, these bulbs have retrofit GU10 bi-pin bases that work with Halogen lamps.
  • Perfect for accent and ambient lighting in home, hospitality and retail spaces, these lights offer a crisp, uniform beam and excellent color rendering to highlight and showcase artwork and product displays, as well as for general directional lighting in hallways, stairwells, and alcoves.
  • Philips LED dimming is flicker-free, silent, and tested works with more dimmer switches than any other LED on the market.
  • The light dims smoothly from 3000-Kelvin down to a glow with greater clarity than halogen light bulbs.
  • Safe for the environment, LEDs don’t contain any mercury.
  • These LEDs turn on instantly with a high intensity, 35-degree beam that replaces halogen bulbs in decorative and track lighting fixtures.
  • LEDs last 10X longer than halogen lights saving you the hassle and cost of frequent bulb changes. Each bulb in this pack of three Philips GU10 LEDs has an expected lifespan of 25, 000 hours—that’s over 10 years based on usage rates of 3 hours per day

Check price here.

GLEDOPTO ZigBee AC100-240V Smart Home RGBCCT LED Spotlight Bulb GU10 5W.

Features and benefits.

  • Support Tuya App/SmartThings App control. Support APP smart life app control in Android/IOS Phone.(There are some compatibility issues with IK*E*A at present).
  • Support voice control by Alexa Echo/Google Home via SmartThings hub or Tuya Zigbee hub.
  • Group: Create Rooms, divide your lamps into one or several rooms, to control lamps in each room together or separately.
  • Set the Scene, Scenes that automatically adjust to the lights in your room according to environment.
  • 16 million colors for you to choose and make your life colorful, to create a relaxing and quiet atmosphere. Such as living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on.
  • Sync your light with movies, music, and games, enjoy the light effect which synchronizes with the plot of the picture immediately, and experience the more delicate atmosphere lighting effect.

A final thought on GU10 led bulb.

Originally GU10 base bulbs were initially used in halogen recessed light fittings. Nowadays, most recessed downlight fittings, are fitted with a GU10 bulb base.

Basically, GU10 describes the base of the led bulb. When you want to replace an led bulb, pay attention to the base of the bulb. The most common type of base for led bulbs are screw and pin led bulbs.

Have you ever replaced a GU10 led bulb? what was your experience? You can share your experience and views in the comments section below.

Gu10 led bulb

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