Extension cable electrical.

electric extension cable

An electrical extension cable is a length of electric cable that permits the use of appliances at some distance from a fixed socket outlet.

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When do you use extension electric cables? Mostly you use extension cables in two situations. The first one is when the power cable is short, it can not reach where the socket-outlet is.

The second instance is when you have few socket outlets in a room. To accommodate other home appliances, you use extension cables to provide for the needed socket outlets.

Extension cables can be grouped into two. The first group is extension cables for indoor use. The other group is the electric cable for outdoor use.

long extension cord.

What is a long extension cord? I would say that a long extension cord starts from 30m to 100m long. You will agree with me that when you want to buy an extension cord, you have one thing in mind. But once you have it, you find yourself using it for other things and appliances that were not in your plan when you first bought your extension cord.

This is normal. Therefore I would advise you to check the current rating and the size of cable used for the extension cord. Why should you check for these two parameters?

When you are passing electricity through a cable, there is a voltage drop. The longer the cable the more voltage drop you experience. What is this voltage drop? let’s say I have 230v at a point where I have connected my extension cord, then when I measure the voltage at the far end of the extension cord, I find that the volt reading is 200v. This is due to voltage drop.

To compensate for this voltage drop, you use an extension cord with a thicker cable. The other factor that you should consider is the current rating or Amperage rating of the extension cord.

Many are the time I see people use an extension cord that is for indoor or light use like for TV and computers. Then use it to power a lawnmower or heavy-duty appliance.

The most important factors that you should consider when shopping for a long extension cord, is the length of the extension cord, current rating and the cable thickness or the size of the electrical wire.

extension cable with surge protection.

extension cable with surge protector

In homes, it is very important to protect your home appliances from voltage surges and lightning strikes. How can you protect your home appliances from surge spikes?

Mostly voltage surges are caused by sudden disturbances in the electrical distribution system, faulty electrical house wiring and lightning spikes.

For lightning pikes, modern homes are installed with earth rods and lightning arrestors that help to reduce the impact of the spike by diverting the excess voltage to the ground.

Should any voltage surge manage to reach the distribution board, then you will need another form of protection in surge protectors. What is a surge protector? A surge protector is an electrical device that is used to protect equipment against power surges and voltage spikes.

Nowadays, some extension cables especially those for indoor use are fitted with surge protectors. When you want to shop for a surge protector, check the energy rating of the surge protector. Surge protectors are rated in joules.

The joules rating tells you how much electrical energy a surge protector can consume safely before it can be damaged.

extension cable on reel.

extension cable on reel

This is a form of an extension cable that has a reel or a drum on which cable for the extension cable is reminded.

Extension cable reels come in different sizes starting from:

  • 10 meters extention reel.
  • 15 meters extension reel .
  • 20 meters extension reel.
  • 30 meters extension reel.
  • 50 meters extension reel.
  • 100 meters extension reel.
  • Extension cable on reels should be unwound completely when using them.You ask why you should unwind,when electricity passes through an electric cable,heat is generated.

If more electricity flows through the use of several appliances, more heat is also generated. When electrical cables are wound up on a cable reel, the heat is naturally difficult to dissipate. To avoid overheating the cable, it should always be completely unwound from the drum body.

Cable rewinding devices, such as cable reels or cable boxes become extremely hot in the core of the coiled cable.

where to buy extension cable

In this fast age, there are a lot of places where you can buy extension cables, extension cable reels and extension cable adapters.

I am going to show you places that are well known and that I know and I have used to purchase products online.

Before I go forward to tell you the places where you can buy extension cables, allow me to say that some of the links may be affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link? This is a link when you use it to purchase a product, I earn an affiliate commission. This is the money that I use to help me run this site.

The first place where you can buy extension cables is the famous Zoro one of the largest online stores in the world. If you like to do your shopping on Zoro, use this link to buy.

The second place to buy an extension cable reel is Aliexpress. If you are big fun for Aliepress you can buy here.

The third place but not the list is Power Tech. You can buy from Power Tech here.

Tips to consider when using electrical extension cables.

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Extension cable electrical.

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