Electrical quotation for a 3 bedroom flat.

Electrical quotation for 3 bedroom flat

An electrical quotation is a formal statement setting out the estimated cost for Electrical house wiring services.

Here I am going to to give you the estimated cost of wiring a standard 3 bedroom flat.

What is a standard 3 bedroom house?This quotation estimate is based on the current prices in Zambia.

List of circuits found in a 3 bedroom standard house.

Electrical materials quotation for 3 bedroom flat.

QtyDescriptionUnit priceAmount (K)
16Metal boxes 3×6 High Density20320
20Metal boxes 3×3 High Density15300
1Cooker control box 6×6100100
80Pvc looping boxes5400
100Pvc couplings 20mm2200
50Male bushes 20mm2100
1KgCeiling nails6060
112 Ways distribution Board flush mount600600
1Meter box250250
1Earth rod pure cooper650650
1Earth box5050
1Roof shackle100100
0520mm bundle conduit pipes3501400
022.5mm cables zamefa Red6501300
022.5mm cable Zamefa Black6501300
022.5mm cable Zamefa green6501300
041.5mm cable Zamefa red4001600
031.5mm cable Zamefa black4001200
041.5mm cable Zamefa green4001600
0310A circuit breakers100300
0332A circuit breakers150450
0120A circuit breakers120120
0263A circuit breakers200400
01Lightning Arrestor350350
Total costK14,570.00

How much to wire a 3 bedroom flat?

You can from the estimated material cost above ,electrical switches,electrical sockets outlets ,light fittings and labour cost are not included.

For the remaining electrical wiring accessories,you can spend a minimum of K5000.00.I have deliberately not included them because the actual cost will depend of quality of final fixture materials.The labour cost for a standard 3 bedroom flat is K5500.00.To answer the question how much to wire a 3 bedroom flat?It will cost you a minimum of K25,070.00.

What is your experience wiring and costing a 3 bedroom flat.Share your expertise in the comments section below.

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Electrical quotation for a 3 bedroom flat.

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