Electrical installation services near manda hill rd, lusaka.

Electrical installation services near Lusaka.
Electrical installation services.

Electrical installation services near Manda hill rd, Lusaka. Are looking for electrical installation services near Amanda hill road in Lusaka? We are here to help you with all types of electrical installation services in Lusaka Zambia.

Types of electrical installation services.

Here is a list of electrical installation services.

  1. Electrical lighting installations
  2. Electrical sockets outlets installations
  3. Electrical distribution board and Meter box installations.
  4. Complete house wiring installations
  5. Water pump electrical installations
  6. Electrical fence installation
  7. Electrical gate automation installation
  8. Standby generator installations and maintenance.
  9. Local area network installation services.

Electrical lighting installation services.

These are electrical installation that revolves around providing quality lighting solutions for your home, office and industrial buildings.

Lighting is generally divided into two. One group is interior and the other is outdoor.

Interior lighting is any lighting that is found inside the building while outdoor lighting is any lighting found outside the building. When you have lighting problems in your house do not hesitate to call us.

Socket outlets installation services.

Sockets outlets are very important in a home. This is where you plug your home appliances into your home. home appliances like TV, home theatres, computers and laptop chargers for your smartphones and refrigerators.When you have any problems with the socket outlets in the home call for socket outlet installation services.

Meter box and distribution board installation services.

This is when you have problems like circuit breakers tripping. Failing to reset the circuit breakers and circuit breakers fail to trip when there is a fault in the house.

At times you have blown out circuit breakers and lightning arrestors.

Complete house wiring installation services.

This happens when you are building your new home. A time comes when you require the services of an electrical contractor. Complete house wiring services involve the installation of electrical conduit pipes, electrical cables, and electrical light fittings and the testing of the various electrical circuit in the building.

Electrical pump installation services.

This electrical service is needed when you want to instal a new pump in the house or when your existing water pump has developed a fault.

Pump installations can either be solar or ac powered.

Electrical fence installation services.

You need these services when you want to enhance security in your home. A security electric fence can not completely protect you from thieves but it can surely delay them and perhaps alert you that there is someone tampering with your premises.

Electrical gate automation.

Gone are the days when you have to open the entrance to the premises manually. Nowadays it is common to just press a button on the remote control and open or close the gate at your premises.

Standby generator installation services.

These are the services that you need when you want to avoid unnecessary power cuts. A standby generator will give you the electrical power that you need when your utility power provider has a fault in the system.

Local area network installation services.

With the advent of the internet, it is now common for residential homes to have their own internet network. All these are electrical installation services that you get and we provide at Theop Power Solutions.

Electrical installation services near Lusaka.

Are you looking for electrical installation services in Lusaka? Then you are on the right page Theop Power Solutions is here to solve your electrical installation services. For your inquiries, you can contact Mr Themba Mbewe on the following mobile numbers

0979 820211/0953 623950/0965 002111

Electrical installation services near manda hill rd, lusaka.

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