Electrical cables in Zambia

A picture showing electrical cables in zambia
Electrical cables in Zambia

I have decided to talk about electrical cables in Zambia, it’s because a lot of people ask me, what’s the best cable brand? For electrical house wiring.

Most people would approach me and tell me Themba I bought such and such cable is it good? This is a difficult question to answer because you should ask for advice before buying the cables.

Today I am giving you free advice on electrical cables to use in Zambia. This advice is based on my personal experience using these cables.

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Electrical cables manufactured in Zambia.

Here I am going to give you cables that are manufactured in Zambia and the ones that I have used.


ZAMEFA stands for Metal Fabricators of Zambia.ZAMEFA has been on the scene for a long time with more than 50 years of experience. Its cables are A grade, they are the best on the market. What kind of cables does Metal Fabricators of Zambia manufacture?

ZAMEFA products and prices.

  1. Low voltage cables
  2. Medium voltage power cables
  3. Aluminium overhead cables.
  4. General insulated cables
  5. Bare copper products.

zamefa cable prices.

Cable size in mm squared.Price
1.5mm squared 100 MetersK440.00 – K480.00
2.5mm squared 100 MetersK650.00 – K690.00
4mm squared 100 metersK1150.00
6mm squared 100 metersK1600.00
10mm squared 100 metersK2850.00
16mm squared 100 metersK4800.00

When you want to wire your house with high-quality cables, I would recommend that you use Zamefa.


ZALCO is another local manufacture of electrical cables in Zambia, Zalco started its operations in 2007. Its cables are of good quality.

When you are looking for electrical cables to wire your house, you can use Zalco cables do not hesitate to use them.

I have used them on various electrical installations, I never have had any problem.

Neelkanth Cables.

Neelkanth is a relatively new cable manufacturing company in Zambia. Talking about the quality of their cables. They are good. I have used both flexible and non-flexible of their cables.

When you find Neelkanth cables don’t despise them they are equally good. I definitely recommend that you can use them.

neelkanth cables price list.

Cable size in mm squared.Price
1.5mm squared 100 MetersK 405.00
2.5mm squared 100 metersK 685.00
4mm squared 100 metersK 1800.00
6mm squared 100 metersK 2200.00
10mm squared 100 metersK 3300.00
16mm squared 100 metersK 4910.00
Neelkath cable price list.

Electrical cables manufactured outside Zambia.

There are a lot of cable brands that are manufactured outside Zambia. I will talk about two brands that I have used. And these are Tropical cables and SABS.

SABS is a south African cable. It is of high quality. While Tropical is an Australian brand, the cables being supplied in Zambia, are manufactured in Tanzania.

Types of electrical cables.

Nowadays, most of the buildings, both residential and commercial, are powered by electricity. And electricity to flow into these buildings, It needs electrical cables. Therefore, I am going to list the types of electrical cables that are commonly used in homes.

  • Service Drop Cable
  • Panel Feed Wires
  • Single Conductor Wire
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Twisted Pair (TP) Cable
  • Fiber Optic Cables

Service Drop Cable.

Buy duplex service drop wire .
Duplex service drop.

This is a cable that is used to supply electricity to a house. In many cases, a duplex is used. This is a cable that has two conductors one conductor is the phase and the other is the neutral conductor.

Panel Feed Wires.

Panel feed wires are used to supply electricity to the main distribution board.

Single Conductor Wire .

Single Conductor Wire solid and stranded

Single conductor wires or cables are the most used conductors in internal electrical wiring for a house. Single conductor wires come in solid and stranded. These cables come in multiple wires sizes and colours. This is done for easy identifications of live, neutral and earth wires.

Coaxial Cable.

RG6 Coaxial Cable
Coaxial cable

A coaxial cable is mainly used to transmit Tv signals in a home

Twisted Pair (TP) Cable.

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Cable
Twisted pair cable

A twisted pair cable is mainly used for communication systems in a home. The common communication network in the home is ethernet and telephone networks. The most commonly used twisted pair cables are CAT5 and CAT6.

Fibre Optic Cables

Fiber Optics Cable

Fibre optic cables are another form of a communication cable that uses light to transmit communication signals both telephone and internet or data signals.

Summary of electrical cables in Zambia.

All the cable brands that I have mentioned above, are of high quality. If you ask me to list them or grade them. The list below shows you how I have ranked them, based on me using them to do electrical installations.

  2. SABS
  3. ZALCO

Many of you agree with me that there are other brands of cable other than the one’s I have mentioned. When you check their price, it is even much lower than all the 5 brands that I have listed above. Beware they might be substandard cables. Before you buy any cable ensure that they satisfy the Zambia bureau stands of quality and the ISO standards.

All the 5 brands that I have mentioned or talked about meet the stands of a high-quality cable both local and international.

What is your experience working with cables in Zambia? Which cable brand do you like using? Tell me why you like that cable brand in the comments section below.

Electrical cables in Zambia

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