Electric fence installation Zambia.

Electric fence installation in Zambia is a topic that a lot of Zambians talk about. I am going to walk you through the installation of an electric fence.

Who needs electrical fence installation in Zambia?

Any person who has a property, enclosed in a fence, should have an electric fence. The electrical fence is not limited to individuals only. Companies, government institutions and non-governmental organisations need an electric fence.

Why do you need an electric fence?

I hear many people say when it’s time for you to lose property, you will lose it even when you have tight security on your premises.

Well to some extent it might be true. But why do you need an electric fence? An electric fence will delay a thief from breaking into your premises.

Secondly, when a thief tries to tamper with an electric fence, it will trigger the alarm. The alarm alerts you that someone is tempering your premises.

Electric fence service.

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced electric fence installer? Look no further than Theop Power solutions! With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing top-quality installation services to homeowners, businesses, and organizations across Lusaka.

Our team of skilled professionals is equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure that your electric fence is installed quickly and efficiently, without compromising on safety or functionality.

We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, so we can recommend the best electric fence system for your property.

In addition to installation services, we also offer maintenance and repair services to ensure that your electric fence continues to function at its best. Whether you need a routine check-up or emergency repair services, we’ve got you covered.

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Do you want to know how to install an electric fence?

Well if you have a basic understanding of electricity, you are on your way to learning how to install an electric fence. All I am saying is that you need a basic knowledge of electricity for you to know how to install an electric fence.

I have written an article on how to install a security electric fence you can check it below

Where can you get electric fence installation materials in Lusaka?

There are many suppliers of electric fence installation materials in Lusaka.

Of the many companies available in Lusaka, I have found Frontline computer to be the most reliable company you can find on Lumumba road opposite the engine filling station.

Frontline is a one-stop shop for all your security requirements. Ranging from CCTV, gate automation and electric fence.

Another place where you can find electric fence installation material is livestock. Livestock is situated in the showgrounds.

I know you are asking what are material required to install an electric fence. Below is a list of materials needed to install an electric fence.

Material list for electric fence installation.

  • Energizer
  • Braided wire
  • High Tension cable(HT)
  • Insulators
  • Warning signs
  • Surge diverter
  • Tension springs
  • Ferrules
  • Earth rod
  • Mounting post/poles
  • Soft wire
  • Line clamps
  • Twin flax cable
  • Strobe light
  • Siren

These are the basic materials that you need to install an electric security fence for your home.

How do you determine the electric fence installation cost and installation materials?

It’s not that one set of materials fits all homes .NO.what determines the electric fence installation cost is the quantities of the needed materials and the size of perimeter boundaries and how the wall fence is constructed.

This is true for fence installations that are mounted on top of a perimeter wall fence.

First, you call an electric fence installer to look at the site.

secondly, the Technician or fence installer will look at your perimeter boundaries and will determine how many materials are needed to install your electric fence.

Thirdly a Technician is going to compile a list of all-electric fence installing materials.

Fourthly he is going to come up with a quotation for installing the electric fence.

A final thought on electric fence installation in Zambia.

Well in Zambia nowadays more and more people install electric fences for the safety of their homes. What is your experience with electric fences in Zambia? What problems have you faced? feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Electric fence installation Zambia.

2 thoughts on “Electric fence installation Zambia.

  1. 1. Is it possible to install electric wire fence with 7 strings ?
    2. Can we install electric wire with all strings with live only?
    3. How many earth rodes can an electric wire fence should have?

    1. Hi DAvies!
      1. Is it possible to install an electric wire fence with 7 strings?Yes, it is possible.
      2. Can we install electric wire with all strings live only?Yes, it is possible the only challenge is you will not be able to carry out a short circuit test. This entails that the energizer will detect open circuit faults only.
      3. How many earth rodes can an electric wire fence should have? Depending on the size of your electric fence you can have a minimum of 3.

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