Delixi MCB’s and lightning arrestors.

Before I introduce delixi MCB and lightening Arrestors. I would like to explain what MCBs and surge protectors are in simple terms.MCB stands for a miniature circuit breaker. As the name implies, an MCB is an electrical device or component that breaks the circuit. It can break a circuit either intentionally or forced due to a short circuit. Intentionally when you switch the circuit breaker to isolate a bulb or any machine that is connected in that circuit.

A circuit breaker is designed to interrupt power to a complete circuit when there is an overload in that circuit. This is done to protect electrical and electronic appliances that can be damaged due to overloads and surge.

It is good to say that when I mention the word circuit. I am referring to circuits in your home. Like lighting, power or socket outlets, air conditioners geyser and many others.

A lightning arrestor is an electrical device that protects appliances and machines. It does this by diverting excess currents and voltages to the ground.

Therefore, it is important to have a very good earth network when wiring or installing electrical machines.

Why delixi MCB and arrestors

As I have already said, MCBs and lightning arrestors, protect both people and appliances. From electrical shocks and damaging your valuable electrical appliances and machines.

Delixi electric is the largest joint venture in China. As a result, delixi is a leading brand in the electrical industry. Delixi electric MCB is widely used in big projects. Like in.

  1. Power generation and distribution
  2. Building
  3. Industry
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Aviation.

Delixi products are the best in all the classes of research and adhering to international standards. As a result of this, you have circuit breakers that are designed to last for a longer period of time. Before you can replace them. All delixi products pass through the same quality tests as its partner Schneider electric. When you use delixi products, you are using Schneider products. Schneider delixi partnership has been around since 2007.

Here is a video of the delixi group.

Types of MCB’S

They are basically three main types of MCBs.These are B, C and D.The type of MCB is mainly determined by the level of a magnetic strip of the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers will protect equipment and people mainly by using, Overload protection and magnetic fault protection. Overload protection: This feature of a circuit breaker, prevents accidental overloading in a load fault situation. Magnetic fault protection, this feature of MCB’s operates when the fault reaches a predetermined level and trips the MCB within one-tenth of a second.

Short circuit rating: This rating is intended to protect against heavy faults in thousands of amperes. The ability of a circuit breaker to operate under these conditions gives its short circuit rating. In kilo amperes(KA).For domestic applications, 6KA is adequate whereas, for commercial and industrial applications,10KA and above short circuit rating is required.

MCB TypeTripping timeOperating time
B3 to 5 times full load current0.04 to 13 seconds
C5 to 10 times full load current0.04 to 5 seconds
D10 to 20 times full load current0.04 to 3 seconds

B type MCB

DELIXI MCB single pole

Mainly suitable for domestic applications and resistive loads.

C type MCB

Type C is designed to protect inductive loads like motors, air conditioners, and commercial and industrial applications.

D type MCB.

Suitable for protection of cables and high inductive loads with high starting currents.Like:

  • Large battery charging systems
  • X-ray machines
  • Transformers
  • UPS systems
  • Industrial welding equipment
  • Large winding motors.

Other renowned MCB Brands.

I have decided to add other world wide brands that manufacture miniature circuit breakers.I’m doing this because it’s not everyone that has access to Delixi circuit breaker. When you do not have DELIXI in your country, don’t worry you are covered I know one of the brands that I have mentioned below, they are available in your country.


Hager mcb miniature circuit breaker.

Hager is an international brand that was founded in 1955 in Germany. Its head office is in Blieskastel, Germany. Hager is a worldwide brand with 11 400 employees. you can learn more.


ABB is a worldwide brand. Its global customer is focused on electrification, industrial automation, motion and robotics and discrete automation. It operates in more than 100 countries with about 14700 employees.ABB34w has been around for more than 130 years. Learn more


Is a South African electrical and telecommunication company, that was founded in 1935 in Johannesburg.CBI specialises in low voltage circuit breakers that meet world-class standards. You can learn more.

Merlin Gerin.

Merlin Gerin is an international company that was founded in 1920, and it became popular internationally for its revolutionary high voltage circuit breaker. The company was later acquired by Schneider in 1992. Now Merlin Gerin is part of the Schneider electric group learn more.


Siemens was founded in 1847 in Germany and three years later opened its first international office in London in 1850. Siemens has been around for more than 170nyears. It’s available in 200 countries. Learn more.


Is a French industrial group that was founded in 1904 by Frederic Legrand.Specialised in Electrical and Digital Infrastructure.For commercial, residential and industrial building. learn more.


Schneider Electric was founded in 1836, by Eugine Schneider and it was incorporated by in 1982. It started with steel and machinery. Over the years, Schneider has evolved to become one of the major players in Energy, and sustainable electrical spare parts, switchboard modernisation, UPS battery replacement and industrial automation services. Circuit breakers and switches, electric protection and control. Learn more.


Chint was established in 1986 in china.Chint is now a major manufacturer of miniature circuit breakers.Learn more .


Crabtree was founded in 1919 by Ashworth Crabtree and it was acquired by a number of companies. It was bought by electrium, which was later acquired by Siemens. Today, Crabtree products are still being produced. Learn more.

  1. Tropical
  2. Square D
  3. MK
  4. Wylex
  5. MEM.

The basic requirement for protection.

Here when I refer to the basic requirements, I mean the protection of power systems. A well-protected power system must provide protection as listed below.

  1. To ensure the safety of personnel
  2. Safeguard the entire power system
  3. To ensure continuity of supply
  4. Reduce the cost of repair works.

In order for a power system to achieve the above-projected outcomes, it must have the following qualities.

  1. RELIABILITY: This ensures that the power system will operate in a predetermined manner when an electrical fault is detected.
  2. SELECTIVITY: It is put as a part of a power system to detect faults and isolate faulty parts of the system.
  3. STABILITY: This ensures that all healthy circuits are intact and undisturbed to ensure continuity of supply.
  4. SENSITIVITY: To detect even the smallest value of fault current or system abnormalities and operate correctly at it’s pre-set settings.
  5. SPEED: To operate speedily when it is required thereby minimizing damage and ensuring safety to personal.

Electrical faults

Electrical faults are usually disturbances that disrupt the smooth running of electrical power systems. What causes electrical faults? Most of the time, electrical faults happen due to the breakdown of the insulating material between live conductors or between live conductors and earth.

What causes the break down of insulating material?

The break down in the insulating materials can be caused by one or several factors listed below.

  1. Mechanical damage
  2. Overheating
  3. Voltage surge(usually caused by lightning or switching)
  4. Ionization of air
  5. Deteriorating of insulating material. either due to unfavorable environments, old age and misuse of equipment.
  1. SURGE: A sub-cycle voltage waveform in an electric circuit, which is evidenced by a sharp brief disturbance of the input power voltage waveform.
  2. HARMONICS: This is the mathematical representation of the distortion of a pure sine wave.
  3. INTERRUPTION(OUTAGE): The complete loss of voltage for a time period between a half-cycle and two seconds.
  4. NOISE DISTURBANCE: Electrical noise is unwanted electrical signals that produce undesirable effects in the circuits of sensitive electronic equipment. (these are neutral to ground impulses or transient surge)
  5. TRANSIENT FAULT: This is the fault that does not damage the insulation permanently and allows the circuit to be safely re-energized after a short period of time.
  6. PERMANENT FAULT: This is the permanent damage made to insulating material of either transmitting material or associated equipment connected.

What is a protective relay?

A protective relay is a device that operates to disconnect a faulty part of the system. In this manner, it protects the remainder of the system from further damage.


13A electric  fuse

A fuse is probably the oldest form of a protective device. I think that a fuse is the simplest and straightforward protective device to use. How does a fuse operate? when excessive current passes through the element of a fuse, it produces thermal energy. as a result of the energy produced by the excess energy, the fuse element melts hence, protecting the device connected to that circuit.

Things to know on fuses.

Some years back I used to think that when a fuse is rated at 13A, it will automatically trip when a 15A current passes through it. I know a lot of people still think that a fuse will blow immediately the rated current is exceeded by a few amperes. But the truth is that a fuse has a typical inverse time characteristic. This entails that a pick-up value for the fuse will start to operate at twice the rated value of the fuse. It should be noted that the higher the current, the faster the fuse will blow.

  • A fuse will only detect a fault associated with the excess current.
  • Fuses will only blow in the earth’s fault condition once the current in the faulty phase has increased beyond the overcurrent value.
  • fuses don’t offer adequate earth fault protection.
  • a fuse can not be given an external command to trip
  • A fuse should be replaced after every operation.

should you have any questions on this topic, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Delixi MCB’s and lightning arrestors.

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