Circuit breaker for sale near Lusaka

Circuit breaker for sale near lusaka
circuit breakers in Lusaka

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Before I continue to talk about circuit breakers near Lusaka, It is important for me to define what a circuit breaker is.

circuit breaker is an electrical safety device designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by an overcurrent or short circuit. Here I am going to talk about one specific type of circuit breaker that is available for sale in Lusaka.

An MCB.MCB stands for miniature circuit breaker. This is a type of circuit breaker that is mostly used in domestic or home electric panels.

What is the Brand name for the mcbs that is available for sale?

Wel the brand name is Delixi. Delixi is well established Chinese brand. Delixi china has been acquired by Schneider electric. In short, if you know Schneider, Delixi undergoes the same quality and control test as Schneider electric. You can know more about the delixi mcbs and Schneider partnership.

What is the size of the circuit breakers?

The available size starts from 63A to 5A. Below is a complete list of available circuit breaker sizes.

  1. 63A
  2. 32A
  3. 25A
  4. 16A
  5. 10A
  6. 5A

All the circuit breakers are rated at 6KA. Not only do we have circuit breakers, but we also have lightning arrestors or surge protectors.

How much do these circuit breakers cost?

  1. 63A K150.00
  2. 32A K120.00
  3. 25A K110.00
  4. 16A K100.00
  5. 10A K100.00
  6. 5A K50.00
  7. Lightning arrestors K200.00

How can I buy these circuit breakers for sale near Lusaka?

For you to buy these circuit breakers, call Themba Mbewe on the following numbers.

Whatsapp +260 965002111.

Direct call +260 979820111/+260 953623950. You can also contact me through email @ [email protected]

Do you have any questions? feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

Circuit breaker for sale near Lusaka


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