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  • How to connect mcb in a house.

    Before I proceed to show you how to connect MCB in a house, allow me to define an MCB. MCB stands for a miniature circuit breaker. As the name implies, an MCB is an electrical device or component that breaks the circuit. It can break a circuit either intentionally or forcefully due to a short […]

  • Single phase wiring in houses.

    Single-phase wiring in houses is the most common power supply in residential and domestic areas. This is the reason most home appliances are single-phase. I think that even you are living in a single-phase house. My duty today is to share with you all my knowledge on single-phase wiring in homes. What single-phase house wiring? […]

  • How are circuits wired in houses?

    How circuits are wired in houses is a question that many people ask. I will explain it to you in simple plain language as a layman. To begin with, there are two types of wiring used in electrical circuits. These are series and parallel circuits. Basics of series and parallel circuits. In a parallel circuit, […]

  • House wiring wire size chart


  • Neutral wire color.

    Before I proceed to tell you the colour of the neutral wire. Allow me to define what neutral wire color is. Simply put what is a neutral wire? A neutral wire is an electrical wire that completes the electrical circuit in an AC circuit. It is this wire that acts as a return path. It […]