Best rated Led floodlights.

best rated led floodlights

Best rated led floodlights selection is based on a number of people who have used them and found them to be useful. Before going into the Best rated floodlights, I would like to talk about what flood lights are.

In a layman language, floodlights are light fittings that produce a flood of light, and they are used mainly to light outdoor areas. Nowadays, floodlights are not limited to light fitting that produces a flood of light in a certain direction. They are floodlights that do not illuminate light with a flood.

How are floodlights used.

As stated above, floodlighting is not limited to outdoor areas, only. It can be used to light indoor areas as well. Therefore, when shopping for floodlights, you must have a clear picture as to where you would want to install your floodlight. Why is it very important to decide beforehand where to install your floodlight?.

There are hundreds of floodlight manufactures in the world. Making it difficult for you to choose the right floodlight for you. When you know where you want to fit your floodlight, you will have less challenge in selecting the floodlight.

If you are looking for a floodlight to install indoor, you will go straight to look for floodlights that are suitable for installation in indoor areas. Below I have listed a few places or areas where you can instal floodlights.

  1. Garden
  2. Street
  3. Stadium
  4. Factory
  5. Home

PIR Motion Sensor Led Floodlight.



Type of light: Warm white and cool white

Power rating:10w -100w

Place to buy:Here

Benefits and features.

Ingress protection IP66.This a good rating,meaning that this flood light is waterproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Motion sensor. With a motion sensor, your light will come on when it detects a moving object towards its set area. It comes with a sensing distance of 2meters to 12meters and it is adjustable according to your desires.

I know you might want to know the sensing angle, it comes with a sensing angle of 180 degrees. You can adjust the sensing time from 8 seconds to 10 minutes.

Power rating.The flood lights come in various sizes,at the moment,available power rating is 10W,20W,50Wand100W.

Aluminium body. This floodlight is made with aluminium, and it comes with protection treatment. Meaning that the floodlight can dissipate heat efficiently. You do not need a fan to cool it.

Highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.Above all it is beautiful and durable.

Connection comes with a three-core flexible cable, comprising of three wires, namely, Brown for input live or hotline. Blue for input neutral and green/yellow for input ground.


You are free to install PIR floodlight in

  • Construction site lighting
  • Stadium lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Home lighting.

DSELCHUN 100W LED Floodlight.


Power rating:100w

Type of light:Cool white/Warm white.

Lifespan:50000 hours.

Place to buy :Here

Benefits and features.

It is equivalent to 300w halogen lamp.Dselchun floodlight is an excellent energy saver,it saves about 80% of your energy needs.

Modern design. This floodlight is slime, making it to be very portable. It dissipates heat efficiently and does not cause problems due to overheating.

Waterproof. The rating for this fitting is IP65, meaning, that you can use it for both indoor and outdoor lighting. The fact that it is waterproof, does not permit you to submerge it in water, otherwise, you will damage the light fitting.

Product warranty.The product comes with 24 moths limited product warranty.

International sheath power cord. Floodlight comes with an international sheath power cord, for easy wiring. This cord comes with three wires namely Brown for input live, Blue for neutral input and Green/Yellow for input ground.

Adjustable bracket.The adjustable bracket,make it easy for you to install and set the light fitting at your desired angle.

Easy to install.

Installation step for best rated led flood lights


This flood light is suitable for installation in….

  • Billboards
  • Street
  • Parks
  • Trees
  • Residential area.

Lampu LED Floodlight

Best rated led flood light.


Power rating:20W-150W

Type of light:Warm white/Cool white.

Place to buy:Here

Benefits and features.

Ingress Protection IP66.This rating en-tells that this flood light is waterproof,as a result,it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Efficient heat dissipation mechanism. The light fixture is made of an aluminium body, this makes it to dissolve power efficiently without any problems.

It is ultra-slim. The modern design has an installation angle of 180 degrees. Because of its slim is very portable, hence making it easy to install. This floodlight light is not only slim, but it beautifies as well. Therefore, it contributes to the overall beauty of the surrounding.


Best rated led flood lights.

It can be used to light.

  • Swimming pool area
  • Gardens
  • Indoor exhibition rooms
  • Showcase lighting
  • Partial lighting.
  • Residential lighting.
  • And ware house

Best rated led floodlights summary.

Led floodlights, are very useful when you want to light up a large area. One of the most important advantages of floodlights is the ability to provide light at a certain angle. This angle entirely dependant on your desire.

Before buying the floodlights, you should examine your needs. What do I mean? First, know the power rating that you would want to have. This power rating is simply the watts rating of your floodlight. Some years back the brightness of the floodlight was determined by the watts rating.

Today the watts rating shows you how much power the floodlight would consume from the power source. The higher the power rating the more power the floodlight draws from the supply.

You determine the brightness by looking at the lumen rating of the floodlight. The higher the lumen rating, the more bright your floodlight will shine.

Modern design has made floodlighting to be portable slim and beautiful. Floodlights come in different shapes and sizes to suit various floodlighting needs.

Therefore, it is only you who knows what floodlight to buy. Why! because it’s you who knows where you want to install the floodlight.

Do you have any question or contribution relating to LED flood lights?You can comment below and give your thought

Best rated Led floodlights.

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