Best Led Downlights Dimmable.

Led dimmable downlight

Before I talk about the best-Led downlights dimmable, I would like to share with you what LED lights are and their benefits in using them.LED is a short-term light-emitting diode.LED lights are low-energy consumption lights that last for a long time without being blown out.LED, lights have a number of benefits. Let me share with you 5 benefits out of the many.

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5 Benefits of Led Lights.

Below is a list of 5 benefits of LED lights.

  1. Good colour rendition
  2. Produce less heat
  3. Available in multicolour
  4. Eco-friendly
  5. Dimming capabilities

Good colour rendition

LED lights have good colour rendition, for this reason, when you use LED lights, you are able to see the colours of surfaces as they are.

Produce less heat.

As a result of their efficient use of electric energy, Led lights produce less heat.

Available in multicolour.

A combination of RED, GREEN AND BLUE light is required to produce white light.LED lights can mix these basic light colours to produce any desired colour.


LED lights don’t contain lead or mercury, they are greener in nature and do not emit harmful materials into the environment.

Dimming capabilities.

In the early days of LED lighting, it use to be difficult to find dimmable LED lights. Nowadays, with improved research and technology, it is now possible to dim LED lights.

Three things to consider before buying your downlights.

These three properties of LED lights are Lumens, colour temperature and wattage. I will start by talking about the lumens rating of downlights.

Lumen is a measure of how bright your light is. Before the coming in of downlights (LED), light fixtures’ brightness was purely measured by the lights’ watts rating. For example when you compare a 60W incandescent bulb to a 90W incandescent bulb. A 90w bulb is brighter than a 60w incandescent bulb. In LED lights, the brightness of a light fitting is determined by its lumen rating. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light output.

Colour temperature refers to the feel of the visual appearance of light. There are basically three commonly used colour temperatures warm white, neutral(cool)white and daylight.

Warm white is a colour temperature with a rating of less than 4000k. Neutral or cool white has a colour temperature between 4000k and 5oook. Daylight has a colour temperature of above 5000k.

Watts rating, tells you how much electric power a particular light draws from your supply. The low-rated or low watts LED downlight consumes less power from your supply. The fact that you can have low watts rating and high lumen rating for LED downlights, makes them excellent energy savers. In most house or home applications, downlights from 4w to 15 w are widely used.

What are the best-led downlights to buy?

This is a general question. I will try to answer it in a specific way by showing you where to buy specific downlights. for the following rooms.

best led downlights for the kitchen: You can buy downlights for the kitchen here
best-led downlights for the bathroom: You can find downlights for the bathroom at
best downlights for living room: Buy downlights for the living room at

6X Dimmable LED Downlight 6W.

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This 6x dimmable 6w downlight is made from aluminium, this makes your downlight to be light in nature. It is durable also and it has a warranty of 2 years. With the following features.

  • Long lifespan
  • Instant-on- no flashing
  • Solid-state shockproof,
  • No mercury
  • Dimmable
  • Easy to install
  • It comes in different sizes


  • Long life span: The benefit of having a longer-lasting LED downlight, you save in the long run. You ask me how do I save by installing an LED downlight with a long lifespan. You save a lot of money by not buying a new bulb every three to six months. When you install them correctly and use them correctly they save you up to 5 years.
  • Instant-on: When you switch on this downlight, you will not experience flickering, before the light gives you the desired light. An excellent example of a light fitting that flickers before being stable is the ordinary fluorescent light fitting. You do not experience flickering when you switch on this Led downlight.
  • Solid-state: Just like the feature, solid-state, this means that your downlight is made from a semi-conducting material, as a result even when you drop them and they heat the ground or floor, the light is not going to break. It is shockproof.
  • No mercury: Mercury is a toxic material that can cause disease. It is common in mercury vapour lighting fitting. What does this offer you? As a result of not using light fitting that does not contain harmful materials, you are contributing to making our world a better place for everyone.
  • Dimmable: The ability to dim light allows you to create your own room experience to suit your mood.


6X,6w dimmable downlight, can be used in many places below s a list of places you can install it.

  • In ceilings
  • Task lighting
  • Illuminating art galleries
  • lighting walls
  • Ling areas

The above applications can be applied in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

Ledsonline downlight.

Best led downlight.

Brand name : Ledsonline

Voltage: 90-260v

Dimmable: Yes

Body colour: White

Power tolerance: 5%

Power source: AC

Material: Aluminum

Warranty: 12 months


  • Waterproof rating IP40(indoor use only)
  • Working temperature -20* to 65*.
  • Power efficiency 85%.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Instant-on.
  • Solid-state.
  • Energy saver.
  • Long working hours up to 12 hours a day.
  • No hazardous materials.


IP40 rating. This led downlight is specifically designed to be used indoors, therefore, you should not install it outdoors. Following the IP rating of your downlight, ensures that you prolong its lifespan of the downlight.

WORKING Temperature. The working temperature range of between -20* to 65* celcious, ensures that you can use this downlight in a number of climate and weather conditions.

Power efficiency. With a power efficiency of more than 80%, this Led downlight, does not put most of its power to worst but to its intended use.

Long lifespan. This attribute of this light fitting helps you save money in the long run. You don’t have to be replacing it every two or after 4 months.

Instant-on.The downlight does not flicker when you switch it on.

No hazardous materials. It does not emit any hazardous or harmful materials. Like mercury and lead that are used in traditional lamps.

Downlight buying guide.

I am going to share with you a few tips to consider when buying downlights. I feel these tips will help you to choose the right fitting for your current needs.


The number one thing to put to mind is the location. When I say location, I talking about the rooms in your house. The downlight you are buying is where you want to install it.

Is it in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room? Once you know where you want to install your fitting, you are good to go. For example, you can not put a light fitting that is meant to be installed in the bathroom then you install it in a kitchen.

Nature of the installation.

I know you are asking yourself what he means when he is talking about the nature of the installation. Basically, there are two many types of common installation.

The one being commercial and the other being domestic. You need to decide or know the type of building you are buying your downlights for. There are fittings that can work well in a residential setup, but when you put them in a commercial setup it looks out of place.

Whenever you are buying downlights, buy downlights for residential when you want to use them in your home. Never should you buy fittings meant for residential or domestic purposes in a commercial installation.

Size of the cut-out hole.

This is very important to consider when you have already cut out the hole for the downlight. It is very important to check the diameter of the downlight you want to buy.

This usually applies when you are replacing the old blown outfitting. That is why when you want to install downlights in a new installation, it is advisable not to cut out the holes before you know the actual size of the downlight you will install.

Rating of the fitting.

The most important rating of led downlights is its IP rating(Ingress Protection). This rating will tell you whether your downlight is waterproof or not.

Nowadays most people would want to know if the light fixture is rated for fire. To be safe, you have to know exactly the level of protection you want for the downlight.

Consider the watts rating.

I know what makes most people switch from incandescent lighting to led lights is the fact that led lights are excellent energy savers. I have seen many people make the mistake of replacing the existing light fitting with a lamp with a watt rating equal to or more than the one they want to replace.

When you want to save on the energy that your lighting consumes, you must replace the existing lamps with a light fixture with a lower wattage rating but with a high lumens rating.

This is because, in LED lighting, the brightness of a lamp is not determined by the wattage rating but by the number of lumens produced.


Do you want to be adjusting your light to suit the mood you are in? Then consider led downlights that are dimmable. All in all, if it is possible for you, write a list of the attribute that you want the downlight to have before you purchase one.

Colour rendition.

Colour rendition is the ability of an artificial light source to produce the colours of the surfaces it shines on. Just as they appear when those surfaces are put under the sun’s light. Depending on what you like chose an Led downlight with a good colour rendition.

What is your experience with Led downlights? I would like to know to share it in the comments section.

Best Led Downlights Dimmable.

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