Apc inrow rc chilled water cooling system.

What is an APC in row RC 301h air conditioning system chilled water? This is an apc airconditioning system that is a water cooling airconditioning system. The row-based system is placed in line with rack enclosures. At least one system is used per hot aisle.

Hot air is drawn from the rear of the system, cooled and distributed into the cold aisle. The window air conditioner delivers a high value of airflow to eliminate hot spots in densely populated environments. Below is a walkthrough video by WWT on the in-row cooling system.

Advantages of Row-based cooling.

  • InRow improves efficiency in many ways.
  • InRow airconditioners drraws air directely from the hot aisle,this makes the InRow take advantage of the high heat transfer efficiency due to high temperature difference.
  • This ensures that the inRow can then discharge room temperature air directely infront of the servers it is cooling.
  • This increases the energy efficiency by allowing the chillers to operate at higher leaving water temperatures.
  • Placing the cooling unit in the row enables the unit to operate at higher return and supply air temperatures yeilding 100% sensible capacity.This reducess the need for humidification.
  • Primary and secondary power feeds:The system has two power feeds,this allows the system unit fault tolarance and uninterrupted cooling each feed powers 100% of the unit.
  • Washable air filter.The filtration of conditioned air is very important to maintaining clean,particle free environment required by electrical equipments,The system uses a washable filter that meets HF-1 standard for electronics.
  • Service notification:Serveral componets within the unit will provide a warning that service is need.
  • Easy access electrical box:The unit is equiped with a slide out box that enables maintenance without removing the unit from the row.
Product DescriptionsAPC InRow RC ACRC 301H airconditioning cooling system chilled water.
Product TypeAirconditioning cooling system chilled water.
Dimensions30cm x 110 cm x 199 cm
Weight162.7 Kg
FeaturesAudible alarm, chilled water-based, LCD status, control console.
Compliance standardC-Tick,GOST,EN 60950,IEC 61000-3-2,IEC 6100 3-3,VDE,IEC 60950,RoHS,REACH
Heigt (Rack units)42u
APC specifications
Apc inrow rc chilled water cooling system.

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